Bringing The Rarest Smiles Of Orphans By Cutting The Biggest Cake In History


Corporate Social Responsibility and Giving Back to the Community are two of the most emerging forces of expectations from the society in which we operate. Our consumers now increasingly value products produced by socially responsible organizations in addition to looking at their quality and prices. The famous statement, “WITH GREAT POWER, COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY”, is exerting its most powerful thrust on businesses of today. Companies are now innovating possible ways to remain socially responsible in the eyes of their consumers and maintain their social license to operate. They also organize and carry out special activities to stand beside and give back to the community in which they operate. One of such initiatives that we undertook is very unique and royal!

New Zealand Dairy Products BD Limited takes great pride in celebrating the birthday of around 50 orphans who don’t know their real birthdays on February 25, 2020. They are some of the most underprivileged members of our communities who live in orphanages and are often abandoned. They do not get to enjoy their lives as much as we do as the most influential and privileged members of the society. Out of our intense desire to bring smiles out of their faces, we took this magnanimous initiative which, for some kids, was their very first birthday celebration!

We celebrated their birthday by cutting the biggest cake that was ever produced in Bangladesh which weighed 620 pounds. The cake was prepared using DIPLOMA, an instant full cream milk powder brand of our portfolio that is a dessert making expert. It is the most favourite dairy brand of our country as it holds a special place in the hearts of Bangladesh citizens as it organizes dessert making reality show, DIPLOMA MISHTI LORAI. It is a common platform where our dessert lovers get the opportunity to prove their talents as dessert specialists. In preparation of this cake, contestants from the last season of DIPLOMA MISHTI LORAI and Tony Khan Culinary Institute, a renowned institute for cooking and dessert making, worked tirelessly in partnership to prepare this humongous cake.

In addition to cutting this biggest cake, the children also got the opportunity to enjoy the day with lots of recreational activities that included magic show, game competition, theme song, and more fun activities to make this event a lively and an unforgettable one. It was a day that all these children will remember for the rest of their lives. As one of the most trusted organizations of Bangladesh, we always believe that these kids have the right to have access to all the basic privileges of life as we have. If these kids can be nurtured properly, then one day they can end up being the big guns of our society! Doing something for them was indeed a matter of pride for us and we aim to do more of these.