Happy Cow Instant Milk Powder

Happy Cow Instant Milk Powder originates from New Zealand, crafted from the pure milk of carefully chosen and healthy cows that graze on natural, untainted grass. This grass-fed cow’s milk is richer in nutrients and has higher health benefits. It provides 25% more protein per serving than regular instant whole milk powder. Each 30g serve provides 33% of daily Calcium need and 16% of daily Protein needs*. It is also fortified with Vitamin A and D. In addition to its superior nutritional value, the creamy flavor and taste of Happy Cow Instant Milk Powder makes any milk-based culinary items such as- Tea, Coffee, Payesh, Phirni, Semai etc. yummy and delicious. 

When you choose HAPPY COW, you are choosing the best standard dairy ingredients in the same category. 

Calcium: An essential mineral for developing and maintaining bones & teeth, functioning of muscles and nerves. 

Vitamin A: Helps to maintain healthy skin & eyesight, normal functioning of organs & immune system, formation of bones, teeth & muscles. 

Vitamin D: Helps the body to absorb Calcium, form and maintain strong bones & muscles.

*Recommended Dietary Intake for NZ/AU adults.

Available pack sizes: 1Kg, 500gm, 400gm, 200gm, 100gm, 10gm

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