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‘PURE MILK STRAIGHT FROM THE LAND OF PURITY’ – was the core concept behind the inception of our company. We are still delighting our consumers what we started in 1992. We are NEW ZEALAND DAIRY PRODUCTS BANGLADESH LIMITED and so much more. We share the goodness of dairy nutrition with the nation through our brands. We are also snacks creator working to replenish the taste buds through our innovative thought on product development, combined with culinary. Soon, we’ll be delighting the nation with new variants and diversified product range enriched with chocolate, cheese and many more savors.

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Eating foods that have a lot of salt (sodium) causes your body to lose calcium and can lead to bone loss

Try to limit the amount of processed foods, canned foods and salt added to the foods you eat each day

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Red Cow Butter Oil Press Ad

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Benefits of High Protein Milk

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Regular Yoga can decrease the risk of bone decay

To keep yourself fit, a little exercise is enough. If you don’t get the chance to exercise, do some Yoga at home.

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Mind is in Depression?

Not feeling great, frustrated about life, insomnia, losing appetite, fatigue these are symptoms of depression.

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